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  Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
  St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Boston
  Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Church of Boston
  Ukrainian Federal Credit Union
  St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Woonsocket
  St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church of Woonsocket
  Yevshan Corp.
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Jewels of Centuries: Concert of Italian, Finnish, French and Ukrainian Music

Saturday, May 27, 2017 5 pm 
Featuring: Iryna Gorkun-Silen, Sebastian Silen, Mariia Gorkun and Daniel Padgett 

Ukrainian Independence Day Flag Raising

25th Anniversary of Independence

8/24/2016 -Boston City Hall Plaza flag raising 11:30am 

8/28/2016-community picnic

House Bill H314, An Act Concerning Genocide Education,
which would require the teaching of genocide in the Secondary Schools of Massachusetts.
Has been re-filed, we need your help!
Please contact your legislators:
Please support,  MA House Bill 314   
Contact your Representative.  Find My Legislator

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