Announcing the establishment of the UAEC

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Dedham, Massachusetts, December 9, 2007- Announcing the establishment of the Ukrainian American Educational Center of Boston, Inc. Our mission is to establish and maintain facilities for the promulgation of Ukrainian culture, religion, and heritage among individuals of Ukrainian descent and the community at large. Promote support, conduct, and maintain educational and religious programs, and social services fostering language, history, arts and crafts relating to Ukrainian heritage and culture. Dedicated to making visible to the populations of New England and our communities worldwide, the invincible history, culture, and religions of people of Ukrainian descent.

Founded by Boston based Ukrainian American organizations; Ukrainian American Heritage Foundation, Ukrainian American Youth Association - Boston Branch (CYM), Ukrainian American Veterans, Ukrainian Federal Credit Union, Ukrainian Congress Committee, Ukrainian National Women's League, and the Ukrainian Scouting Organization - Plast. Initial funding provided by the Ukrainian American Heritage Foundation and the Ukrainian American Youth Association Boston Branch, allowed the purchase of 2 ½ acres of land located in Dedham Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, and one minute from Interstate 95. The land includes a small facility which is currently being used as the headquarters for the organization.

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Defenders of Ukraine Day

Sunday, October 16, 2022 12:30 pm -Recall the history and traditions of Ukrainian defenders in different historical eras, starting from the Cossack era to the modern Armed Forces of Ukraine - Sample Cossack "kulish", "kiflyky" and "mandryky"

Help for Ukraine

Donate the following new or gently used items: hand & feet warmers; men's socks; gloves & thermals; men;s winter boots; warm blankets;sleeping bags.
House of the Seven Gables, Salem MA  - October 1- December 15th
Thank you

70th Anniversary Silent Auction

UAYA Boston 70th Anniversary Silent Auction & Raffle Charity Event Friday, November 4, 2022 6-11 pm Stoughton, MA

Don't Close Your Eyes: Ukrainian Artists Respond to the War

Featuring 26 Ukrainian artists from various parts of Ukraine
Opening reception Saturday, November 5th 5-8pm at The New Art Corridor, Newton - MA

We are back online.
Please check-in to see
current and past community
events. Please note,
it may take a while before
we catch up with events
that took place during
the last few years.

2022 marks the 90th anniversary
of the Ukrainian Holodomor.
It is vitally important to keep advocating
for its recognition as genocide
by the United States government.
Your actions are crucial for a successful
result of our efforts. Below is a sample
text that you can use to contact the
President to recognize Holodomor
as a genocide. If you have any questions
or comments, please contact the 
U.S. Holodomor Committee

Ways to Help Ukraine

Ways to Help Ukraine

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Petition: Revoke Walter Duranty Pulitzer Prize

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